Test Tournament Data

Upload the File

File name should be of the form xxxxxxxx.txt* (extension may be hidden) where xxxxxxxx (8 numbers) is the event number of the tournament being scored. Once you upload the file, scroll down and check for errors.

* Still using FBScore? The file name may be xxxxxxxx.nrf.

Note: there is another type of file created by NAFAScore that will be xxxxxxxxDATA.nsc. This file is not the one that you need to upload here and send to NAFA. It is a backup file for the scoring of your tournament.

Special Notes if you are still using FBScore

FBScore is no longer supported by NAFA, but you may still use it if you wish. The latest scoring program is NAFAScore which can be found here. For FBScore, the following conventions can be used (note: these are not needed for NAFAScore):
  • Veterans should be scored as Regular 99
  • Open should be scored as Regular 88 (if you have more than one Open division, score them as Regular 87, Regular 88 and Regular 89 in that order)
  • Performance teams should have an asterisk (*) as the first character of the team name

Also, note that for both scoring programs, teams that do not place (eg broke out three times or went FEO), code their placement as 0 (the number zero).