Dog Points Detail for CRN 120478

Finn: Consecutive Years Earning At Least One Point
CountFiscal YearOne Point Earned?
1FY2012 2011-10-01 to 2012-09-30Yes
2FY2013 2012-10-01 to 2013-09-30Yes
3FY2014 2013-10-01 to 2014-09-30Yes
4FY2015 2014-10-01 to 2015-09-30Yes
5FY2016 2015-10-01 to 2016-09-30Yes
6FY2017 2016-10-01 to 2017-09-30Yes
7FY2018 2017-10-01 to 2018-09-30Yes
8FY2019 2018-10-01 to 2019-09-30Yes
9FY2020 2019-10-01 to 2020-09-30Yes
10FY2021 2020-10-01 to 2021-09-30Yes*
* Requirement is waived for FY2021

Finn's Measurements
MeasurementJump HeightEventEvent DateJudge
Dog is exempt from mandatory measuring because birthdate is on or before 2012-10-01

Dog Info:
Dog Name: Finn Breed: Boston Terrier
Certificate Name: Sebastian's Phineas without Ferb! D.O.B.: 2011-04-06
Status: I CRN Date: 2012-03-16
Owner: Sebastian Parker Current Club: (1086) Patriot Flyball
City, State/Prov: Maynard , MA Total Points:



Point Details:
Date Event Tournament Location Class Points Total Points
2012-04-14 12035500A Dover Ice Arena Regular7575
2012-05-19 12033600B Sherwood UltraSports Multibreed35110
2012-06-09 12046800A Gemini Dogs Regular1111
2012-09-01 12033601D Mass Premier Courts Open125236
2012-09-22 12078000D Franklin County Fairgrounds Open336572
2012-12-08 13076300A Boom Towne Canine Campus Regular5811,153
2013-02-16 13016401D Ancaster Fair Grounds Open5401,693
2013-03-16 13028700A 1396 Beaver Creek Road Regular5342,227
2013-04-13 13035500B Dover Ice Arena Multibreed4002,627
2013-05-11 13096500A Franklin County Fairgrounds Regular7253,352
2013-05-18 13033600B Sherwood Ultra Sports Multibreed6824,034
2013-05-18 13033600A Sherwood Ultra Sports Regular254,059
2013-06-08 13046800A Gemini Dogs Regular7854,844
2013-07-20 13030800A Mass Premier Courts Regular4305,274
2013-08-03 13028701A 1396 Beaver Creek Road Regular6805,954
2013-09-14 13096501A Franklin County Fairgrounds Regular5656,519
2013-10-18 14000000A Indiana State Fairgrounds Regular1556,674
2013-10-19 14000001A Indiana State Fairgrounds Regular2756,949
2013-10-20 14000002A Indiana State Fairgrounds Regular3317,280
2014-03-29 14028700A Boom Towne Caninie Campus Regular6817,961
2014-04-12 14035500A Dover Ice Arena, 110 Portland Ave Regular7558,716
2014-05-10 14038200D Franklin County Fairgrounds Open3259,041
2014-05-10 14038200A Franklin County Fairgrounds Regular3509,391
2014-08-30 14033600B Sherwood ultra Sports Complex Multibreed4759,866
2014-08-30 14033600D Sherwood ultra Sports Complex Open32610,192
2014-09-27 14030800A Habitat for Soccer & Sports Regular70010,892
2014-11-01 15063900B 261 Townsend Ave Multibreed25011,142
2014-11-01 15063900A 261 Townsend Ave Regular20511,347
2015-03-14 15028700D Boom Towne Canine Campus 1296 Beaver Open7511,422
2015-03-14 15028700A Boom Towne Canine Campus 1296 Beaver Regular74112,163
2015-04-11 15035500A Dover Ice Arena, 110 Portland Avenue Regular68012,843
2015-05-02 15096501A Franklin County Fairgrounds Regular55013,393
2015-05-30 15030800A Habitat for Soccer & Sports 374 West ST Regular77614,169
2015-09-12 15096500D Franklin County Fairgrounds Open28714,456
2015-12-05 16076300A 1296 Beaver Creek Rd Regular62515,081
2016-04-30 16096500B Franklin County Farigrounds 89 Wisdom Wy Multibreed31615,397
2016-06-11 16030800B Wide World of Indoor Sports, 621 Pound H Multibreed56715,964
2016-09-17 16096501B Franklin County Farigrounds 89 Wisdom Wy Multibreed52916,493
2017-09-23 17104002A 5056 East Main Street Rd Regular40116,894
2017-10-13 18000000A Indiana State Fairgrounds Regular8016,974
2017-10-14 18000001A Indiana State Fairgrounds Regular32517,299
2017-10-15 18000002A Indiana State Fairgrounds Regular30117,600
2018-05-05 18096500B Franklin County Fairground, 89 Wisdom Wa Multibreed5017,650
2018-05-05 18096500A Franklin County Fairground, 89 Wisdom Wa Regular39518,045
2018-10-13 19000001A Indiana State Fairgrounds Regular26018,305
2018-10-14 19000002A Indiana State Fairgrounds Regular25018,555
2019-01-19 19038200B 21 Industrial Rd Multibreed34618,901
2019-05-04 19096500B Franklin County Fairgrounds, 89 Wisdom W Multibreed018,901
2019-05-04 19096500D Franklin County Fairgrounds, 89 Wisdom W Open9518,996
2019-09-28 19038201B 21 Industrial RD Multibreed35719,353
2020-02-01 20108600B 21 Industrial RD Multibreed8019,433
2020-02-01 20108600A 21 Industrial RD Regular7519,508

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