New Multibreed Title Award Instructions

Multibreed Awards are available now for your dog's most recent Multibreed title. Previous awards are not available at this time. The latest Multibreed Awards for those dogs that have an Active status are being issued now. Certificates, pins and plaques will be distributed in the same way as regular awards.

If your dog has an Inactive/Retired or Deceased (I/R/D) status you must put in a request for the award. Please note that delivery times for these awards is dependent on level of requests. Delivery of regular awards and multibreed awards for Active dogs has priority.

Requests for Multibreed Awards for I/R/D dogs

NAFA is offering two ways to make the request:
  1. Club Owners/Captains - you may request Multibreed awards on behalf of some or all of your members at once.

    Note: this method can only be used for requesting awards with certificates or certificates and pins - MBD, MBDCh, MBDCh-S, MBDCh-G, MBM, MBMX, MBMCh).

    What's needed: Sign up for an account on the NAFA website by going here (if you don't already have one). Then login here and select 'Request Latest Multibreed Title Awards for your club members'. The I/R/D dogs on your club will be listed with their latest Multibreed title and you can select from the list.

  2. Individual Dog Owners can request Multibreed awards for their dog.

    Note: this method must be used in the case where
    • You are no longer with your I/R/D dog's club and wish the award sent to you directly or c/o another club
    • You are requesting a Multibreed Award for an I/R/D dog that includes a plaque (MB ONYX, MBGDCh)

    What's needed: you need to go here and enter your dog's CRN, your name and the email associated with that dog's record. If you know this record will contain an outdated email address, please get it updated by emailing
For any further questions or concerns please email