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Ground rules for NAFA chats
This is a community chat. Everyone is welcome. If you want to participate, you must do so using your first and last name, so people will know who you are.

This is a moderated chat. Please address your questions to the moderator, who is tasked with grouping topics to keep things on track. Be courteous no profanity or defamatory personal attacks. Posts that violate these rules will be deleted and the poster may be blocked.

To private message the moderator, once you're logged in, type: //pm EmmaMak My question is....(see more detailed instructions in yellow panel below).

Before the chat has begun, please feel free to try the software (especially how to send a private message). The screen will be cleared once the chat begins!


1. REGISTER FIRST: Enter your first and last name (no spaces or other characters) at the bottom of the chat screen e.g. JohnDoe. Then click on the icon to the far right of your name to Login/Register.

2. PRIVATE MESSAGE MODERATOR (Red star beside name) WITH YOUR QUESTIONS: There are 2 ways to do this:
  1. Click on the three black dots to the far right of one of their messages or by their name in the list of users. An envelope icon will appear . Click on that to send them a private message.

  2. - OR -

  3. Type the following directly into the 'message' section:
    //pm UserName message (e.g. //pm EmmaMak My question is.... )

PLEASE NOTE: YOU HAVE TO USE ONE OF THE ABOVE METHODS FOR EACH PRIVATE MESSAGE YOU SEND. Typing @EmmaMak does NOT make your message private. Private messages are indicated by a small lock to the far right of the message. You can only private message moderators or administrators. For troubleshooting, more detailed instructions and FAQ click here
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